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Winnie Odinga

Founder & CEO

A graduate of Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. Winnie graduated with a double degree in International Business & Economics and Corporate Public Relations. She received her MBA from United States International University Kenya.

The Vision

World over establishing your self in a new market or frontier can be intimidating. 


A newbie in Shanghai may not know that he/she should hand over their business cards with two hands and a slight bow. A visitor to the Middle East may forget that it is impolite passing documents with their left hand. In Finland a nice afternoon at the Sauna is an important part of building relationships. And in Africa… Well, it’s not tea & crumpets either. 


Each of the 55 countries and territories has its own unique way of doing business which will be foreign, difficult to understand and many cases exhausting. At the BrickHouse Counsel our team consists of advisors and experts in Government, Business, Communication, Industry all over the continent. We help you duck and weave through all the red tape and achieve your strategic goals in Kenya and across the continent. 


With world travel hindered due to Covid 19 and you don’t know where to start.. Send us a note via our Contact page, we’ll figure it out for you. 



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